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answers to 'why isn't this working'

I don't have all the answers -- I hope that's refreshing to hear. What that means for you is that it's not my style to try to convince you I know or can do everything you'll ever need.


But I do have answers that others don't. And one of those is around the all important factors of readability and on screen display.  

Another critical factor is psychographic appeal -- a term I rarely hear other therapists-turned-marketing-coaches talk about.

And these two essential factors are what separates a professional, client attracting website from one that is, well, just online and all about you, as if potential clients woke up today feeling a profound lack of you in their lives. LOL


So -- need a really good website? Visit De*WriteSites and see the many Wix hosted websites I've created for psychotherapists, coaches, psychics, counselors, psychologists, and other solopreneurs.

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Website Building


Does your do it yourself website reflect your high level of clinical professionalism?  Or are you frustrated with trying to get a site designed like you can picture in your mind? Intimidated by site builder tools? I can help. I have 18+ years of experience designing websites, and can do one for you that befits your professional status.

Website Critiques


Is your message clearly written in conversational language that makes your ideal client feel seen and understood? Is your site visually attractive and functionally effective? Can visitors find what they are looking for? Are the on-page optimization and meta tags done well? Are you offering a trust and rapport building ladder for potential clients to begin to know you, like you, and want to work with you? These points are just some of what is covered in a comprehensive written critique of your website.

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​I ​​do two basic things when I work with people:

I bring 40 years of experience and training​ to bear on the projects or situations at hand, and

I strive to problem solve with the best of my expertise in order to satisfy the client's needs.

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