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The website is wonderful and I’ve already gotten more interest in it than I probably did for the entirety of the time I had a Therapy Sites website.  Your SEO is doing an amazing job!  You did a fantastic job for me, thank you.

Deborah La Fond, LMFT


Mutt-i-grees Specialist


Thank you again for the beautiful website.  Your ideas and knowledge about websites are extremely valuable. I find this process to be extremely stressful and overwhelming, but you make it very simple.  It was very comforting to know that you are a  therapist and can help with the writing and knowing what clients are looking for.   I cannot thank you enough! I do think you should charge more because you are so worth it!


Candy Daniels, LMSW

Couples Counselor



Deah asks questions that I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself, such as how I am motivated, where I get energy, what I am addicted to, what’s missing, etc.  Knowing that once a week I was going to talk to someone who was supportive, and who has my business’s and my personal best interest at heart no matter what we are talking about is the single most helpful thing for my success.  With that support, I can hear what I need to do and remember why wanted to do it in the first place and feel strong enough to move through all the other fears and just do it.  I really appreciate the work you have put in and tools that you have given me. I’d recommend Deah to any ND who needs help getting the marketing pieces in place to start drawing in more patients.


Margaret Dexter

Naturopathic Doctor


I'm happy to refer you since you are not only talented but easy to work with and a clear communicator.


Deanne Carter, LMHC



Deah Curry’s knowledge and expertise at marketing were a godsend to me as I worked to build my website and develop a marketing strategy.  Not only is Deah knowledgeable, but also very user friendly.  Her step by step style took the fear and anxiety out of what seemed like an overwhelming process for me.  Her astute, but gentle guidance provided a great learning environment.  I could not have done it without her!


Mary Bowman, PhD



I love the website Deah Curry designed and built for me. Her ability to ask relevant questions about what I do helped me clarify the service I offer. She then took that information and made it engaging and relevant. Her attention to detail and eye for design also created a website that I found visually appealing. I recommend Deah to everyone who is looking for a top-notch website designer. This is the first one of my websites I am truly proud to have representing me and my work.


Deborah Dahmen

Psychic Medium


I really am in awe of how easily the marketing part seems for you. Can’t thank you enough for all your help. The calls are really starting to come in and clients are all commenting how the web content “spoke” to them in some way. In the past 3 days I’ve gotten 3 new clients.


Barbara Fane, LCSW



You gave me a phone consult about 4 months ago. Now my practice has expanded to about 25 a week…. You have been a huge help.  Thank you so much!


Melissa Amaya, LCSW


You may not know this Deah: within a couple weeks of initially working with you, my website was bringing in twice as many clients as it had been before my first coaching session with you. After the first tele-seminar I completed with you (which included coaching sessions after the course), my website traffic increased, and the people who contacted me through my website doubled again. These people were not just contacts: they turned into paying clients. That was well over a year ago, and the website contacts continue to come in. Those contacts are from people who are the clients who are looking for a therapist like me: the type of clients who need what I am offering as therapist. You were right, it pays to become clear about my intention and my niche, and I needed to create a plan with vision for the clients who are looking for someone like me. You helped me “get out of my own way” and allow myself to market in a way that is best for me and my personality. You know this stuff you teach. My increased business is the proof. 


LeAnn O'Neal Berger, MA, LMFT



Deah has been an incredible help to me in reinventing myself and my business. She makes suggestions that I can follow up on. She is available by e-mail between sessions. Deah communicates in a clear manner. Most of all she is very encouraging. I feel overwhelmed when I seek her help and calm and orderly after we speak. I cannot speak highly enough of her skills and warm manner. We have been working together 9 years and she helps me reinvent myself through blogging and web construction as well as use of social media. 


Roberta Gallagher, LCSW, LMFT

Relationship Expert



Deah fills the gap when clinical graduate school programs fail to teach their students how to market themselves and services in today's social media culture.  In addition to providing superior website development services for two websites, Deah has mentored me as I have built and developed a marketing strategy for a new business. She has coached and advised me on ways of marketing myself while staying true to who I am and what my message is. 

Before working with Deah, my struggle with marketing held me back professionally, My first business would have developed much faster had I used her and her advice sooner. My new business started in April 2013 and in only seven months, her marketing strategies have led to guest blogging posts, an invitation to present at a conference, and has connected me to distance clients who wouldn't have found my business otherwise. My potential client base has shifted from a few towns surrounding my office to nationally through online and phone coaching services. Deah has enriched my professional life in ways that are still growing and expanding and I am so grateful.


Heather Gray, LICSW

author | counselor


Deah built me the most amazing website. She is wonderful to work with, with a vast knowledge of all thing technical. She captured exactly what I envisioned for my website, without me even really knowing what that was. Her passion for turning my website into something fabulous was evident. 
I highly recommend her and I would use her services again and again.


Holly Tagg

Animal Communicator


I was highly motivated and excited to begin working on my business, but I was completely overwhelmed and did not know where to start.  I had very little knowledge of marketing, and the thought of marketing felt like a daunting task.  I now know the importance of having a focused, monthly action plan, which I work on every day.  Without this plan, I was pointing my efforts in too many directions.  Second, I gained a great deal of knowledge about business development and marketing from Deah.  She is an expert in this area, which was clear to me early on in our sessions.  Deah is a phenomenal coach who is passionate about helping solopreneurs grow their businesses.  She not only helped me with the “how to’s” but was also able to help me work through my own fears about being in business for myself.  I highly recommend her services to professionals who want to grow their businesses!  Her program truly worked for me!


Corrine Zupko, LPC

Meditation & Spiritual Coach


Dear Deah, I want to thank you.  What you have taught me, the encouragement you have given me, and the confidence you have shown in me have enabled me to do this.  I was able to write not one article (although that was monumental!) but now two (and have them published!) and I even have an idea for a third one!

The really great thing about it is that not only am I not afraid to do this anymore, but am actually excited and looking forward to it! Thank you, thank you!  With good thoughts, Elaine


Elaine Corona, LCSW

PSTEC Practitioner & Therapist


 All the work you did is fantastic. Calls picked up right away. It was amazing.  I am getting lots of calls and my schedule is packed again.  Thank you again.


Abby Blackburn, PsyD



I love to work with Deah, I don’t think I would finish learning from her any time! The most important thing what I’ve got from her; marketing is an ongoing learning experience. I’ve also learned that this is fun. How does she make it possible? First of all, she encourages us all to choose activity what matches with our personality. – Hooh! So good, I don’t have to feel uncomfortable! – Second, she reassured what is good in it what I did. Then she had the talent to show considerately where problems were; after that how I could correct them. I am amazed how she masters the knowledge what works well in our market and what not, and the ability to translate it into well organized, practical and personalized suggestions. Finally I am grateful for making American English Update for my Website from my non-native English – and calling it this way! Thank you Deah! See you soon!


Zita Fekete, LMHC



Before I started working with Deah, I was struggling to design my website and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  I was spending too much time on trying to figure out the technology instead of working on getting clients.  Working with Deah, I started to feel more confident because of her easy to follow step-by-step format, which enabled me to put together a very professional looking website with compelling content.  Deah’s ability to share her knowledge and make suggestions also helped me as a new solo entrepreneur to define my vision and mission statement for my new business.  Now I can quickly make changes in my website without having to rely on a designer’s availability, and no longer do I dread writing a squeeze page.  I eliminated my fear of technology and improved my understanding of marketing with Deah’s expert help.


Debora Franks, MS

Educators' Life Coach

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