Strategy Consults

the when, where, why, and what to do

Know you need to market, but have no clue where to start?

Overwhelmed by a flood of advice?

Uncertain about how to promote yourself?


You aren't alone. Very few coaches and counselors feel comfortable and proficient with marketing a private practice when first starting out. Learning what to do and how to do it is a post-grad education in itself. 


I made a lot of mistakes when I started. I did and said the wrong things, and spent money I didn't need to spend -- and that brought in zero clients! I tried to follow advice that was all wrong for my personality, and made myself miserable. Most small business marketing models weren't appropriate for a therapy practice.


Most of our successful colleagues have been down the same path before figuring out by trial and error what works best for them, and how to translate marketing advice into useable bits for the healing arts solopreneur. 


I'd like to make the learning curve easier and the frustration lower for you.


In a single, as needed, strategy consult, I draw on my 25 years of private practice experience, plus my training from leading marketing gurus to help you find the most sustainable and effective approach for your personality and your business.


In a series of consults or email feedback advice, you get on-going attention to your process, strategies, implementation, and possible self-sabotaging choices.

No Hype consultation by phone or email

is available to help you:

Strategize Your Marketing Plan


Get help determining what activities should be on your plan in the three crucial realms, and input on how often to be tending to each task. In strategy consultation by email advice I help you customize a Get Clients Now! planning spreadsheet so that it really works for you in measurable terms. You'll learn how to modify it and sustain accountability to it.


Read more on why you need a marketing plan



Integrate Your Content Marketing Efforts


An effective content marketing strategy is set up to flow between website, blog, social media, ezine, and information products. Getting that flow going takes some strategic integration of topics and efforts. In strategy consultation by email advice, I help you figure out the easiest sequence of efforts and timing so that each piece works to support the next one in line.


Get 6 tips for effective social media presence



Design a Promotional Launch Campaign


Similar to integrating content marketing efforts, when you are opening a new office, publishing a book, or starting a workshop, the marketing that is needed is called a launch campaign. Promoting an "event" of this type requires a somewhat different form of marketing and a different marketing message than the usual, everyday marketing for niche clients. In strategy consultation by email advice, I help you craft your message, outline the steps for your campaign, and plan the timing.

I highly recommend:

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CJ Hayden - best planning expert

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