The Worry Tamer Merges with The No Hype Mentor

It's probably been at least a decade since I created The Worry Tamer website and Facebook page to specifically address the fears and doubts of clinicians and coaches new to private practice. As much as there was the need for coaching on internet marketing and good use of websites, new solopreneurs also expressed to me a lot of anxieties and insecurities when it came to running a business all alone.


Over the years, I've coached a lot of young colleagues on the fundamentals of being a one-person business operation. Issues of feeling like a fraud came up often, and usually revolved around claiming full authority for doing what you do. We're so conditioned to feel like we must ask permission for our thoughts, dreams, and plans that many of us stumble on the road towards becoming a fully empowered change agent. It's been my mission to help colleagues overcome that obstacle.


One of the ways I sabotaged myself was by spreading my energies and focus too thin. Every good idea became a branch of my own business, with a new website and blog, and Facebook page. Frankly, this has become a burden more than a fulfilling way to operate.


So, I'm downsizing. I'm terminating two of my websites this month, and redirecting those domains to sites I'll keep running -- for now.  Since The Worry Tamer is all about anxiety in the context of running a solo practice, it makes sense for it to merge with The No Hype Mentor. Now the emotional aspects and the marketing aspects of being a solopreneur will be addressed together.


If you find yourself similarly over-extended and would like to talk through how to downsize or combine your scattered efforts, I'd be happy to talk with you about the best ways to consolidate a broadly offered web presence into a tightly focused one.  Just email me from this website, or reach me through Facebook.







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