Wix is THE Most Innovative and Supportive Website Platform Today


If you aren't a professional Wix designer, you might not know about all the amazing advances this company is making. Here are just some quick stats to start with:



  • more than 150 million users as of May 2019

  • 2 million new users added each month

  • people use Wix in 190 countries

  • Wix employs 2700 people in 11 countries

  • Wix has headquarters in Tel Aviv, NYC, San Francisco, Miami and more

  • 50% of employees are in research and development

  • Wix is called a bull stock by several investment advisers

  • today Wix stock is selling at $144.13 a share, up 67% since Aug 2017

  • Wix improves and innovates its editing tools continually

  • Wix Design Experts group on Facebook has more than 3000 professional members

  • Wix Arena showcases experts proficient in design, SEO, ecommerce and more



I could go on with these stellar business details that make Wix the best website company out there today, but solopreneurs may be more interested in what kind of features are available for their websites on Wix.


My niche of clients -- psychotherapists, life coaches, energy healers, authors, intuitives, solo practice attorneys, start up non-profits, and other micro businesses in service industries -- tend not to need a lot of bells and whistles on their websites. But Wix has them in case your business model or needs change,  such as:


  1. blog pages 

  2. easy PayPal integration 

  3. online booking apps 

  4. audio and video file players

  5. simple photo editing

  6. Google maps

  7. social media icons

  8. contact and subscribe forms with back-end message storage 

  9. easy domain and domain specific email purchases

  10. many photo gallery styles

  11. mobile website editor

  12. completely flexible design capability


What that last item means is that you can put anything anywhere you want it, unlike most other platforms where your design and layout are restricted to specific locations and immovable. Ugh! I hate that!!


Wix also offers a wide variety of additional applications (apps) that increase functionality for those who need special features like:


  • blogging from your phone

  • a selection of store apps if you sell tangible products

  • various form builders if you want clients to provide lots of info

  • integrating social media feeds into your website

  • special effects tools

  • logo maker

  • interactive chat and forums

  • events calendar, promotion and management tools

  • integrated email capability from within your Wix account

  • apps for hotels and restaurants

  • and so much more


One of the latest innovations to be rolled out is called Corvid (aka Wix Code) -- the ability for those who know how to apply html coding for super customization. If you already know how to code, you'll love it. If you don't, there are Wix Code instructional videos  on YouTube from one of our community designers Nayeli Gomez to teach you how. 


You can forget about all those old myths still circulating that Wix is not good for SEO. That's so not the truth anymore.  In fact, probably the biggest advantage Wix offers its DIY customers is the SEO wizard that was developed with Google to get your site indexed immediately.  The wizard helps you write your meta tags -- page title, description, keywords, page url -- to the best optimized state, then with one click you can submit your site to Google for instant indexing.


All that is found right within your Wix account so you don't have to go anywhere else or hire an expensive firm to do this simple thing for you. Editing tools even assist with setting headlines and content at the proper H tag levels. Plus, many in our design community specialize more in ongoing SEO than in design, so there is always someone for a designer to call on, or subcontract with.


Wix also has an extensive online help center with answers to all the most common questions. There is a tech support phone number, but it's easier to get faster help with basic things in the New Wix Features Group, which is opened to  non-designers. 


Going another step further is Wix designer Ruth-Ann Bowen with a brand new YouTube series calld Wix DesignHer. Its focus is helping female entrepreneurs raise the bar for their DIY website (RAISE = Resources, Advice, Inspiration, Support and Encouragement).


Wix also has a very helpful blog of its own with daily tips on just about anything you can think of for running your website, and your solopreneur business.


As a professional designer, I'm pleased with how Wix takes care of its growing community of experts by establishing a locator directory where we can showcase our work and where prospective clients can easily sort through who is available with the skills they need. Check out my portfolio there to see some of my work and easily contact me.


Our exclusive Wix Design Experts group on Facebook is 3000+ strong, with a dedicated "cheer leader" Brett who makes sure our requests are seen and responded to by Wix developers. We have frequent online round tables where coming attractions are previewed. These are available to anyone as video replays on YouTube. And several of the developers in charge of the most common features interact with us promptly when we report any newly identified bugs.  It's truly impressive responsiveness that helps us help our own clients.


Something that the more extroverted Wix designers love are the international conferences Wix sponsors where new features are announced and designers get a chance to meet face to face to share ideas and ask the Wix company for more cool capability with the platform. A few months ago the conference was in New Orleans, with the first one having been held in Miami.


If you are in my client niche -- psychotherapists, life coaches, authors, energy healers, intuitives, solo attorneys, and progressive non-profits -- and you're ready to upgrade your website to the latest and best DIY platform available, and want some professional help, schedule a phone chat with me.


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