12 Things an Astrology Chart Can Tell You About Your Business

Something that may be a bit of a secret to my clinical colleagues is that I have been a professional astrologer for nearly 20 years. And now that I'm retired as a psychotherapist, I'll confess that I found an astrology chart to be as accurate a personality profiling system as the MBTI or any other tool clinicians are more likely to use. Very helpful with the client who is open to it.


And it may be a surprise to hear that not only can astrology shed useful light on the personality, potential conflicts, security needs, and lifestyle habits of individuals, it can yield similar insights for business.  In fact there is a whole branch of financial astrology that just deals with money and the stock market.  But that's not what I do. 



What a Business Astrology Chart Might Reveal


I analyze business potentials and decisional dynamics that can contribute to marketing and client attraction. Not only can this be done for the start of any new practice, it can and I'd say should be done for any launch or a new product such as a book, for starting a new client niche, or taking on an intern or practice partner. 


For solopreneurs, what a business astrology chart analysis might tell you could include: 


  1. how the public will perceive you personally

  2. how well the business will generate income

  3. whether introverted, extroverted or hybrid marketing has best potential

  4. the best way to nurture your business growth and stability

  5. what dynamics are present that could evolve from business

  6. daily habits your business will require, its impact on your health

  7. help or hindrance from partners and allies

  8. unexpected value the business could offer clients

  9. if additional learning will be necessary (beyond CEUs)

  10. how to best stimulate public awareness of your brand

  11. how innovative to be, and where to market for best results

  12. forces and attitudes likely to sabotage the business


What is Needed to Cast a Business Chart


The first business chart is like a birth chart -- it requires knowing three essential pieces of information:

  • the city and state (or country) where the headquarters for the business is located 

  • the day considered the birth of the business

  • the exact or near approximate time of that day


The birth of a business can be calculated on any of several dates, such as when the business charter was created, or the business license filed if the first thing you did was to establish yourself as a Sole Proprietor or LLC. 


But few clinicians I know think of themselves as a business owner right then  -- and those who start practicing as an intern under someone else's roof, as most do, might not file this legal paperwork for years after actually being in practice. 


So you could use the day when you paid first rent on an office of your own, or the day you moved in the last piece of furniture for it. Maybe what feels right to you is to call the day your door was initially opened to clients the birth of your business, everything else being the labor pains! 



Simple or Complex Analysis


Start Simple. In astrology, a chart analysis can simply hit the highlights, or it can be exceptionally complex. The type you should ask for will depend on whether you are just starting, working alone, with a partner, or in a group, and whether this is your first business launch, or for a new product or niche added to an existing business.


Even if you have been in practice a long time, for a first astro-analysis I'd recommend starting with a simple report of just the 3-5 most essential things you should know. If the information seems of value or intrigues you, then order a more complex reading.


The More People The More Complex. A more complex analysis can compare your personal birth chart (chart 1) with that of an existing,  new, or pending business partner (chart 2) to show how well you are likely to work together, and what impact the blend of your energies will have on the business itself (chart 3). This kind of analysis will sometimes show that one partner will leave the business, or over-stay their welcome. It can show if your personalities are compatible with each other as well as with the needs of the business.


Complex analysis is used, too, to compare the business itself (chart 1) with the impact of a new niche, new product, or new marketing campaign (chart 2).


If you'd like to have a business chart analysis, please contact me here.




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