A Breathing Meditation for Anxious Times


Anxiety is sky-rocketing among my friends, family, and clients. And while there is much that can be said about the causes, and the solutions, there is one remedy I always fall back on in times of stress.  Breathing. Well, breathing meditation, that is.  


I put together this video to illustrate that there is no right or wrong way to do breathing meditation. There is no special way to sit, no specific hand positions to hold, no out of the ordinary clothing to wear.  Just breathe. Wherever you are, shift your focus to your breath.


There ya go, you are meditating.


Breathing meditation doesn't even need to be done sitting up. You can lie on your bed, on a fallen tree, or on an air mattress in a pool.


There is even a version called walking meditation that can be done with the aid of a labyrinth or just on a lovely nature trail.


Perhaps the only requirement is to take long, slow deep breaths, and to exhale just as slowly and completely. I like to start by mentally counting to 4, then 8 for each inhale and exhale.


If you are counting and breathing, your mind should settle into a nice somatic awareness of the body, taming the usual monkeys that jump around in the brain, judging, rehearsing and replaying conversations, and slinging sarcastic zingers at your innocent inner child or inner critical parent.


For introverted private practitioners, breathing meditation in the car before walking into a networking event can help you feel grounded, centered and able to deal with the extroverts.



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