Video is the New Essential Tool for Internet Marketing



We've seen videos creeping ever more into our social media feeds over the last couple years. And some early adapters in the clinical and coaching / advising professions have been vlogging -- that is, blogging with video rather than with writing -- for a while. But most of us haven't really seriously considered making use of this marketing method for several very good reasons:


  • most of us are camera shy

  • the idea of dealing with video technology is very intimidating

  • we assume it requires a lot of equipment

  • bad video productions seem worse than none at all

  • we don't have the time to learn

  • we don't have the inclination to overcome the obstacles


Well, those reasons have recently become excuses that we just can't afford much longer. 


The internet is an ever evolving platform for reaching potential clients, especially in over-saturated markets. It's no longer enough to have a great looking website with high quality, emotionally compelling content. Video has become a standard, not just a fascinating luxury.


And with YouTube now considered a social media platform, owned and indexed by Google, creating videos is the new essential for all solopreneurs.


Fortunately, many new tools have come out to make it easier and cheaper to get into the mainstream of this marketing method. I've been testing out some of them, looking for those that are easy to use, and easy to teach others to use. As of now I recommend the following.


The video in this blog is a PowToons production. Yes, PowToons will give you a video that is a little cartoony. It's intended to be light-hearted, to help demystify, to create a good feeling about something that seems scary. It won't be appropriate for everyone, but it's worth thinking about how you might make it work for you.  The basic plan is free, and the editor is relatively intuitive after a short learning curve.


This platform has pre-made and highly dynamic video templates into which you can plug in a few short messages. This is an option that is mostly good for branding purposes, rather than for persuasion, although there are some templates for making promotionals for your newest ebook, and other presentations.  


Unfortunately, the free plan inserts the RenderForest watermark much too prominently for most tastes. But if you think you might use this tool often during a month or year, the subscription plan is not too expensive and would be a tax deductible expense for marketing. I'd recommend getting the subscription only after you have mastered the tools and the process is second nature for you.





You might not know that you can create an mp4 video file as a special Save As feature of the PowerPoint software which is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. PowerPoint allows you to create presentation slides, animate how text enters and exits each slide, to give movement to a static set of information. You can record your own voice narrating and augmenting the slides, and save the whole thing as a video -- totally for free.





One of the several products from TechSmith, SnagIt is a screen capture program that allows you to talk your way through what you are doing on your coming while you do it, and turn the whole thing into a video. I'm learning this tool for creating instructional videos for my website clients.  Here's the most recent one to check out if you have a Wix website. SnagIt offers a two week trial and then a one time /lifetime purchase for their software download.



iPhone Video


No doubt some of you reading this have already mastered doing short videos with your iPhone. I may have to ask you to teach me how -- if I get over that camera shyness thing myself. LOL But this is a great solution for introducing potential clients to your office setting if you have good lighting. You can take the viewer on a little tour. If you are a healer or reader, you can get a friend to hold the phone for you while you do a short demo of your techniques.


Look for more info from TheNoHypeMentor on marketing with video soon.




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