KISS Principle Marketing for Therapy, Coaching & Spiritual Services


You might already know about the KISS principle -- keep it simple, sweetie. As a busy practitioner of a one person business, keeping things simple is a must. And it will keep you from being overwhelmed by attempting all those alien things that everyone tell you are imperative for marketing your business. Keeping your marketing efforts simple also help them get done more consistently, which is an absolute must.  Hit and miss marketing when you think about it, or don't have anything better to do is a prescription for business failure.


Kissing with Marketing


A few years ago it was being said that content was king.  Guess what?  It is now three times as important for 2017. But it has to be the right content. The right content has these components:


  • speaks to your ideal client's needs and interests

  • provides helpful  / implementable information

  • solves a problem or addresses a yearning

  • reflects back what your audience is thinking or fearing or inspired by

  • ends with a subtle call to action to buy your product or hire your service


Notice how the right content doesn't focus on you or your services, but on the client.  Any content, whether in writing, video, or audio, and even in testimonials, will work best if it focuses on what you helped the client solve, see, feel or have.


Content is used in many forms:

  1. blogging

  2. social media posting

  3. audio such as pod casts or mp3s

  4. videos

  5. ezines

  6. give-away info products

  7. ebooks

  8. testimonials


If you have been blogging and social media posting already, good for you. Maybe your next step is to get more regular, more disciplined. Or making sure that your posts are promoting your latest blog rather than being some random additional topic. Be sure to promote old blog posts in your social media to pick up new readers.


And consider expanding from just posting on your Facebook business page, to maybe also posting on Twitter or LinkedIn. Use a tool like to schedule or post in multiple accounts at one time to save time!


Another way to multi-purpose existing content is to send your blogs out to your email list.  I call this blogmail. You will likely reach a different audience with blogmail -- one that doesn't spend time on social media, and doesn't remember to seek out your website to read your blog.


Record your blogs and post them on your website as mp3 files for those who prefer to listen instead of read. I think most cell phones these days have recording features, and one downloadable PC based program I like is Audacity.


Use bullet points in your blogs to create useful videos. These are so easy to create now with tools like Stupeflix.  Post these on social media with a link back to your website, or use them in your blog itself.


Collect a bunch of blogs and turn them into a give-away product or ebook. Just a little updating and editing is all it takes, but for a more professional result, add a clickable table of contents and an attractive cover.  Don't forget to use social media to promote your new info product.


If you can use testimonials without fear of censure by your professional licensing board, it is highly advisable to do so.  Google loves these "social proofs" and they are a good way to build trust with potential clients.


So the key here is to take what you already do, and have done, and build on it. Schedule time in your client calendar to devote to working on at least one of these options each day, with the goal of having a finished item each week.  If you do that consistently, you'll have a decent marketing track record for 2017.




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