Marketing When You're an Emotional Mess

We all go through times when our own life is in turmoil, or when we get sideswiped with some unexpected devastating event that throws our emotions into high anxiety. It doesn't take the aftermath of a presidential election to imagine impending catastrophe, and therapists, coaches and psychics are not immune to getting knocked off balance.


Nonetheless, when you are a solopreneur, you can't afford to stop marketing while your emotions stabilize enough to feel hopeful again about the future.  


So I'm passing along some of tips for being productive even when your heart isn't in it, and your fears and worries are running higher than usual.



1. Do the In this Moment Breathing Meditation


First, to apply some self-care, try this brief, calming meditation:


  • inhale very very slowly

  • while inhaling think -- In this moment...

  • exhale very very slowly

  • while exhaling think --- I am safe


As you start to feel your body relax, you might change the phrase I am safe to my business attracts new clients.



2. Reconsider Your Ideal Client Niche(s)


Think about whether you are really attracting the clients that are the most fun, interesting or profitable for you to work with. Consider narrowing or adding to your niche markets. Then visualize in detail the psychographics of your ideal clients. Psychographics are the motivating factors that cause people to want the services you provide.


List those factors in succinct phrases or single words, and research them as possible marketing keywords.


Writing content for a new web page or changing your locator directory profile might need to wait until you feel grounded and have a clear mind, unencumbered from emotional concerns, but you can start thinking about how to attract your new, or better clarified niche.



3. Clean Up and Update


If you've had a website for a while, there is always tinkering to be done that will occupy your mind, keep emotions in check, and count as a contribution towards your marketing message. You could:


  • add alt tags to your photos

  • ensure all page titles have keywords

  • freshen up the look by changing out your photos

  • change the background color of your pages or text boxes

  • modernize your fonts for better readability

  • check how your site looks on your cell phone and make adjustments to the design if you can



4. Redo Your Marketing Plan


Put some thought into what marketing strategies you can use for the next 4-6 months. Plug tasks into a spreadsheet or use CJ Hayden's excellent Get Client's Now! Excel form. Include tasks you can and will do every day, once a week, and once a month. And include a reward for holding yourself accountable. Marketing tasks on your plan could include:


  • blogging

  • generating ideas for the next 6 blog posts

  • promoting your blog posts on social media

  • updating or adding new social media profiles

  • planning and following a social media posting focus

  • scouting for photos for your social media posts

  • learning a new tool, maybe Instagram or PicMonkey

  • creating an info product download for your website

  • creating an audio product download

  • starting a YouTube channel

  • producing brief video tips for your ideal clients

  • hunting for or arranging business networking opportunities

  • rewrite your business card tag line

  • creating an email list of former clients

  • planning a special offer for the holidays

  • posting testimonials to your website

  • develop a referral building campaign

  • create brochures or rack cards to give to referral sources


For more about Get Clients Now! get CJ Hayden's book or visit her website.


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