Simplify is the New 'Hard Work'



After several years of learning great client attraction methods designed by go-getter extroverts, I want more from life. More of the simple pleasures. More balance. More time to develop other interests. 


So one big change for 2015 is that I'm no longer going to do work that does not bring me joy. Just because I CAN do something, doesn't mean I will any more. I'm getting picky.


Another change is I'm giving no more focus to quantity over quality -- in methods, clients, or time. 


Some of this shift to simplify is driven by noticing that what clients want, and what they respond to, is changing. There is a large population out there who don't consider themselves as having "mental health" needs. These walking wounded clients are looking for more than therapy. 


Some of the shift is motivated by noticing the huge impact that technology is having in how we communicate, and how we look for services. That is reflected in my own new website design.


With mobile search becoming not just the next big thing but the now required-by-Google thing to accommodate in our marketing strategies, the practice of lengthy marketing pitches designed to persuade people to take an action is fast waning in importance.


The blog is where long content goes these days. And by "long" I mean 600-1000 words.  Now, it can vary. Not every piece has to be 1000 words, especially if your static pages are substantial. 


But as you update your websites, keep this in mind. And I'll keep you posted through the year on this balance between what is good for potential clients and what is preferred by Google.


My Priorities for 2015


Like most psychologists, counselors, energy healers, psychotherapists, and social workers, I've never been entirely happy learning about SEO and other techie stuff. Staying on top of the techie world is becoming increasingly more time consuming, and I find it unsatisfying.


So I'll still pass along what I come across that I think will be of interest to you all -- and keep your eye on my Facebook page for that -- but I will be doing increasing less consultation on this area of knowledge as the year goes on.





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