Old Advice is Still Good


If you think you are hearing the same advice over and over again from the marketing mentors you've been following for a few years, well, you have!  And that's because some stuff is just true. No matter how technology changes, or what Google wants this season, the basics hold constant.


Now I've tried to stay on top of the major advisors that make sense for a private practice as a psychologist, counselor, social worker, psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor, energy healer, psychic medium, or other type of helping and healing practitioner in a solopreneur practice.  And there are a handful whose advice can be relied on as good for learning the basics about marketing.  Here's who they are and what they recommend.



Casey Truffo is still talking about defining your ideal client - because this is still the top reason your marketing isn't working.



Lynn Grodzki is still talking about having an action plan for your business - because wishing and hoping still doesn't work to get clients in the door.



CJ Hayden is still talking about the need to develop trust and rapport with your niche market through personal outreach - because people still hire service providers they know, like and trust over those they may have heard about or whose website they may have stumbled on once.



Janet Slack is still my go-to person for all things social media says that it's fine to ignore the social media channels that aren't producing clients for you - because your energies need to be where you are getting consistent response.



Fabienne Frederickson is still talking about keeping schedules and using systems - because scheduling your efforts hold you accountable and systematizing your efforts make you more productive and efficient in attracting clients.




And that chick Deah Curry is still talking about choosing marketing methods that fit your personality and personal energy - because if you have to drag yourself to a networking breakfast, or don't get jazzed about blogging, potential clients will feel that sense of dull disinterest extruding from your pores and run like hell the other way.





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