Get Clients Like an Introvert


Did you read the  post on getting clients like an extrovert?   If so, you might be thinking you don’t want to do any of that, and wondering  when you’ll ever feel comfortable marketing your private practice.


If you’re a counselor, coach or ND who is more of an introvert,  knowledge based client attraction methods for growing a private practice might suit you better that trying to force yourself into extroverted situations that make you uncomfortable.


Let’s look at how successful introverts do it.


  • by providing helpful how to resources — through multiple forms of writing

  • by maximizing their website — with interactive features, SEO, frequent fresh content

  • by directory listings — with strong call to action and link to website

  • by pay per click ads — with hot incentive or irresistible offer (will require a website landing page to make this work well)

  • by passive income projects — such as products and membership programs


Introvert methods, as you see, can allow you to maximize your creative streak.  But do be careful not to get too lost there in computer land.  My suggestion is to get your website SEO in good shape first, then develop a good range of helpful how to resources, and get your directory listings set up before worrying about the more advanced strategies.



Helpful How To Resources


  • blogging

  • article syndication

  • give-away materials

  • ezines


Maximize Your Website


  • make room for fresh content every two weeks --  blog

  • add videos and audios

  • add social media connectivity

  • use opt-in boxes

  • do your meta and alt tag descriptions, and keywords

  • have inter-page links

  • use a blog post ticker on the home page or in the footer


Directory Listings


  • speak to ideal client’s pain and desired outcome

  • provide incentive to go visit your website

  • give good call to action

  • when possible, provide recommendations or testimonials

  • where possible, give samples of your work (articles)


Pay Per Click


  • Google AdWords

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook


Passive Income


  • write and sell ebooks

  • write and sell homestudy courses

  • provide a recurring revenue membership program

  • design a mobile app


Most of these strategies are low cost — except for your time — and are great if writing comes easily to you.  They do typically take a longer time to pull in clients than the extroverted methods, but may be more sustainable for those who are strongly introverted, or who really struggle with the fears of rejection that networking and referral building bring up.


And that’s why a mix of strategies — both introverted and extroverted — are best for bringing clients to your practice and keeping them coming.


So what percentage of your marketing methods are introverted? Do you have the luxury of time to wait for them to kick in?  Which extroverted methods could you use until your pipeline is full?





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