The Busy Solopreneur's Alternative to Blogging


Many counselors and coaches I know dread blogging.  They know they are supposed to, that it somehow helps their SEO, that colleagues who blog incessantly rave about its client attracting ability.  But they aren’t blogging enthusiasts for one reason or another.

Does that describe you?

Maybe you don’t mind writing, but are so busy it’s hard to find the time for it. Perhaps you’ve started a blog, but it’s been 4 months since your last post and it’s not likely you’ll find time to write this month either.  


Could be you blog when the mood strikes, or an idea hits, and then don’t know what more to do with it. And anyway, for liability purposes you don’t want to encourage comments, and that limits the interactivity value.


You might be wondering what’s the point in writing the 3rd post this month on the topic du jour when 2  colleague-competitors have already done so.  Perhaps the pressure to perform and come up with something original on a routine schedule is creating lots of mental resistance.


I’ve Got an Alternative for You


Instead of blogging, turn your website’s home page into a marketing message that’s rich with internal links to short articles on your 12 best keywords.


Articles don’t have to  be written as frequently as blogs to still get an SEO boost.  But because they register in a search engine sweep of your site as fresh content, new articles provide a similar advantage.  And having internal links from your homepage to other pages on your site is not only favored by Google’s techno-bots, but also is intriguing to human visitors as well.


What You Need to Know


1.  Articles do not appear on your menu bar — they are “hidden” pages.

2.  Articles do each have their own separate page on your site.

3.  Articles should have a call to action at the bottom.

4.  Articles should have their own internal links. 


My suggestion for a most efficient process is to first scan your existing homepage and select 6-12 key phrases that you could write a 550 to 750 word article about.  Pick the one that is easiest for you to address, and start writing.


Often my clients say that they have trouble getting started on an article or blog post.


Try this:


Imagine someone has asked you a question on this key phrase topic.  Use that question in some form as your article title.  Then imagine how you might typically answer that question when asked in person.  Write that down.


Then step away from your writing for a bit. Make a sandwich, go for a walk, take a shower.  Do something that takes you out of your head, out of writer’s brain.  This is an important part of the efficient process.


When you come back to your draft, add more information if needed to make the answer more complete or easier to comprehend.  Then edit to shorten sentences and paragraphs.  Add a call to action at the bottom, and you’re done with the writing.


Then create a new page for the article on your website and  install the content.  If desired, select some phrases from your new article as links back to other pages already on your site.


Next go to your homepage and find the key phrase that prompted this new article.  Make a link out of that phrase that connects to your new article page.  Voila, you have fresh content and internal links on your site.  It’s that simple.


So, are you writing on topics of interest to your ideal client? Are you publicizing your blogposts or articles on social media? If you are writing as a marketing method, it’s good to focus on what your audience has on their minds, and to provide multiple ways to find you.


If you like to write, but something is holding you back from using this skill as a marketing method, I’d like to help.  Ask about the 7 step ladder for becoming a go to specialist by writing different info products.






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