I Have a Blog --- Now What?


Are you just venturing into internet marketing?  Have you started a blog because colleagues or friends suggested it, but now you aren’t sure how to make the best use of it, or integrate it with the rest of your web presence?


This was the dilemma faced by one of my counselor colleagues recently who wrote:  “I have created a LinkedIn account, a PT profile; I’ve been added to the company website, and now a blog.  So, now I’m not sure how to optimize these fragmented pieces.”


Such a great question, because any counselor, coach, or ND who uses blogging as a client attraction strategy does indeed need to optimize these pieces separately, and then as one smooth whole.  Here are my suggestions about how to do that:



1.  First,  optimize each individual piece to its full extent  


in general, if you are creating web presence at all, you should have at least 2 primary keywords to drop into absolutely everything, and 4 or 5 additional keywords to use, depending on the purpose of the writing.


Most therapists would likely have counseling or psychotherapy as 1 of the primaries, plus your main niche problem -- perhaps depression, anxiety, or relationships.  


There are SEO possibilities even in locator profiles in directories like Psychology Today and LinkedIn, on your individual bio on the company website, and in sticky posts and sidebars on a blog.


For optimization here, think keywords — what terms are likely for potential clients to use when searching for help to end a problem that you can treat? Use those keywords early in every / any form of web presence.


If your blog allows, be sure to make use of meta tags too such as title, keywords and descriptions that get coded into your posts so that search engines have an easier time finding your writings.  Most blog platforms I’ve seen so far at least provide a way to add meta tag keywords (sometimes called labels or categories).  Ask your tech support if it’s not obvious how to do this.



2.  Next,  cross refer where possible


You may be able to list both the company website and the blog on LinkedIn, and add a blog feed app to your LinkedIn profile so that your blog posts (snippets) show up there.   I recommend doing that only if you will be a prolific writer and blog at least once a week.  [Note LinkedIn has changed their software since this was first written -- please check with their tech support on how to publish you blog there besides just posting a link and comment in your newsfeed.]


Do list your blog page url on your Facebook "About" section. And post a link to your newest blog post with a link back to it on your Facebook timeline.  Do the same on your Google+ account.


When you have create great blog graphics, put them on your Pinterest account, on a special board for your blog, with links back to your website.


You can also list your PT profile url in your LinkedIn profile, and put the PT “verified” icon for your profile in the footer of your website so that it appears on all pages, including the blog.



3.  Be sure to have social media share icons on your blog page


Even if you personally don’t have an account with Twitter, Google+, About.Me, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.,  your  readers can still recommend reading your posts to others. Be sure to directly ask readers to do that. Mention the other platforms occasionally in your blog, and link to them in your blog content.


Sounds like lots of work, I know, but once you have this all set up, it will pay off in working for you ….. like little virtual promoters on your virtual success team.


So, when you add a new piece of marketing to your web presence, are you intentional about how it fits into the whole of your marketing plan?  Do you have a purpose for each piece?  Each should be supportive of the other in some way.


Need help with making this easy?  Email me to schedule a short consult.








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