Where Do I Find Clients?


That’s the age-old question, isn’t it?  I hear it everyday from new counselors and coaches.  And I’m going to stand that question on its ear with this personal story.


When I started out, I got similar advice from the extroverts — getting clients is all in the networking and referral building, so join leads groups, give signature talks, send out letters of introduction, invite influence leaders to coffee and tell them about your ideal client.


But I’m an Introvert


Leads groups and the networking scene just doesn’t work for me.  I can’t naturally shine that way. I had to find ways to be the magnet that attracts the clients I want to work with.


That meant starting with a content rich / sticky / optimized website as the main hub from which all other marketing flows. And information products to help potential clients get to know, like and trust my message. And blogging, social media, ezining, and free tele-classes.


All that started working like little digital energizer salesmen on my behalf.  And then I started feeling comfortable enough for some community outreach via facilitating MeetUps and giving workshops through Biznik.


In short, know whether it’s the extrovert or introvert approach that will let your true self shine, establish yourself that way first, and clients will be attracted to you. In my experience, that’s been sooooo much easier than try to chase possible clients and convince decision makers.


Now, I really don’t worry about getting clients. They come to me, willing to wait to get on my waiting list. I just focus on providing helpful information, and the rest falls into place.


I post tips for solopreneur coaches and counselors on my Facebook page at
https://facebook.com/NoHypeMentor.  You’re welcome to come join the colleagues who are looking to to attract more clients by letting their personality shine.





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