Static, Brochure-like Websites are Officially DOA, and Have Been for Years


Does your website create buzz?  Is it full of life and energy, engaging potential clients around their interests and needs right from the start, operating well on mobile devices, or is it DOA  (dead on arrival)?


Building your own website is a monumental achievement, and whether you hired a web designer / developer, used a pre-drafted template host, or worked from scratch, you are to be congratulated for getting through the process.  It’s not easy to make all the decisions about content, function, widgets, and consistent look of your primary “face” on the internet.


Having taught counselors, coaches, intuitives, and NDs about what makes a website client-attracting and what kind of content to write for it, I know that many of you struggle with this major marketing project.  And I see that many  -- even in 2015 -- are still getting advice that is woefully outdated.


2015 Rule #1 -- It's Not All About You


Your website won’t work as well as it could if you think of it as an internet brochure, business card or billboard.  These are just ….. well ….. boring.  


Worse, they tend to be narcissistically focused on the solopreneur, which doesn’t promote an abundance of client attraction.  


Nor do static websites contribute much anymore to professional credibility, trustworthiness, or rapport — all of which are what create the desire to call you for an appointment.


New Rule #2 -- Engage, said Picard, and So Do I


Private practice websites must engage, not just inform.  Websites really aren’t just an expanded yellow pages display ad. LOL, even those don't exist anymore -- when was the last time you even saw a phone book?!  


It’s believed that about 93% of households with computers use the web to search for providers, and the internet cruising population is much more savvy now, and their expectations are much higher than just three or four years ago -- when this blog was first written.  


Web visitors now want to feel involved, seen, heard, valued, interacted with —  not merely informed.


New Rule #3 — 


Touch screen monitors monitors and tablets are here to stay.  The explosion of apps for devices like the iPod / iPad, the ease of creating and installing audio and video players and high traffic link back potential of YouTube, the sheer delight and fun of online games like and the usefulness of tools such as  have re-awakened the human fascination impulse for, and satisfaction with, pushing buttons and making stuff happen.


So, take an objective look at your website.  Does it need an energy transfusion?


7 Ideas that Breathe Life into Solopreneur Websites


1.  Create a PowerPoint presentation with animations about a problem or process you help solve.  


2.  Narrate that PowerPoint, convert it into a video format, and upload it to your personal YouTube channel.  Then reinstall it to your homepage or resources page (YouTube files may be more readily viewable on mobile devices than PowerPoint presentations).  


3.  Do an audio podcast with BlogTalkRadio or AudioAcrobat and install the audio player or link on your website.  Make it a short description of what to expect when becoming your client, or get a friend to interview you about your practice. 


4.  Put a series of pictures and quotes or questions together into separate image files, and create a revolving gallery to give your webpage some continual movement.  


5.  Add a Facebook Comments widget on of your pages instead of a blog and get double use from this interactive feature without the effort of writing blogposts. 


6.   Use the fun and entertaining online tool  or to add a touch of whimsy to your website and give visitors a taste of your sense of humor — assuming your ideal clients will be amused.


7.  Develop a Prezi, an extremely dynamic and interactive presentation format —  many people love this type of highly energetic presentation style, but warning — it makes some a bit nauseous!.


There are lots of ways — expensive or free — to give your static website an energy transfusion.  These suggestions above take just a little technical know how and time, and could make a huge difference in attracting clients.



So what other low maintenance, high pay off ideas have you heard about for making your website fun, interesting, and interactive for your potential clients?  Which ones have you incorporated?  Leave me a comment and share your inspirations.




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