Is This the Conversation Your Website Has with Prospective Clients?

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Prospective client hunts for counseling while thinking: 

My life is miserable, I can’t sleep, my kids won’t behave, and I’m scared I’ll never get my head above water professionally.


Counselor website: 

I’m a licensed clinical social worker in the state of OZ, a 13 year member of the faculty of the Advanced Psychobabble Academy, and an eclectic practitioner of DBT, CBT, REBT, Gestalt, and Technique Du Jour therapy.


Prospective client reads counselor site while thinking: 

I can’t stop obssessing on what my sister said to me, she made me so angry I wanted to strangle her. I need help.


Counselor website: 

Appointments are available Tues, Wed, Fri from 5 am to 8:30 am. My office is in the Endless Maze office park. Bring your insurance card and download and complete these 12 forms when you come to the first appointment. Pay online here.


Same prospective client seeks life coach while thinking: 

I’m failing at everything. Nothing I do works out.


Life coach website: 

I'm excited to congratulate you on taking this wonderful step in your life. Life is a journey and we all go through peaks and valleys, fall into potholes, hit roadblocks, get sidetracked or forced into detours. Coaching is the road map to get where you want to go.


Prospective client to life coach: 

I’m not sure what I need, but I know that I feel trapped.


Life coach website: 

I congratulate you on knowing what you want and having the determination to go after it. I will be your cheerleader and partner. Are you ready to have the best year ever?! Let’s go!



These examples aren’t as extreme as you may think.  If your website is having this conversation with your prospective clients, it may be the main reason your practice calendar isn’t full.


So take a look at your website right now — how’s your side of the marketing conversation?  Are you really hearing your prospective client and responding to the pain they are feeling when they are searching for help?


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