The Too Shy for Video Solution

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More and more counselors and coaches are starting to realize that they need to optimize their website with video.


Making a video of yourself is idea that stimulates panic faster than almost any other marketing idea, except public speaking.  Not only does it challenge the introvert’s comfort zone, it also bites into the technovice’s unfamiliarity with computers and application software.


So I have an alternative – create a narrated PowerPoint presentation instead.


Here are all the general steps I follow.  If you can’t take it from here, schedule a consult and I’ll walk you through the process.


Equipment and Accounts You’ll Need
  • A headset with microphone for your computer

  • Powerpoint software (probably already preloaded)

  • free account + video credits

  • Your own channel


Design and Content Criteria
  • Use a title slide with your photo and picture of your office

  • Substitute website header photo for office pic if desired

  • Use an end slide with your photo and contact info

  • Include logo on end slide, if you have one

  • Slides should have ½ inch border if using white background

  • Use photos of “mock” clients to convey happy results

  • Draw content from your own homepage

  • Use keywords or single questions on slides, 1 or 2 per slide

  • Or use bullet points with very short phrasess on each slide


9 Steps to Creating the Slide Show
  • Familiarize yourself with all Powerpoint tools

  • Place text and photos on slide in layers

  • Zoom in & out to preview slide in various sizes

  • Under tool bar Slide Show, use Record Narration

  • While narrating, advance slides with space bar on keyboard

  • Hit ESC key to end recording, then hit SAVE.

  • Use FROM BEGINNING icon in Slide Show menu to test

  • Fix errors and re-record if necessary

  • Save file


Converting to Video & Installing to your Website
  • Upload ppt file at and wait

  • When processed, select Convert to mp4 Video and wait

  • When converted, download the mp4 to your computer

  • Optional: from Authorstream, select Share > YouTube

  • Open website editor, find media installer, add mp4 file

  • Prepare location on webpage for video to display

  • Use web editor tools to upload video & player to page

  • OR:  grab YouTube embed code for your video

  • Paste embed code into your html tool for placement of YouTube player on your page


If you follow these steps, with practice you can be a video making machine.    Don’t worry about perfection.  Just get images and points looking nice on screen, add your voice, and let the cheap and easy online tools do the hard stuff.


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