Got a Lemonade Stand Mindset?

Graduate school prepared us for running a lemonade stand.


Okay, that’s a little cryptic.  What I mean is, most solopreneurs in the healing and helping arts are well trained in the process of turning  lemons into lemonade — transforming client’s sour life problems into sweet outcomes.


But we weren’t trained in how to run an actual business.  You know, where clients repeatedly line up to get their weekly fill of mouth watering solutions to their thirst for  hope, health, and high achievement.


And, we have some insecurity about being too visible, blowing our own horn too much, or looking unprofessional (whatever that means).


So let me ask you:  How many excuses have you given yourself today that are sabotaging your business?  Maybe some of these thoughts are stuck in your head:


  • I don’t want to be pushy

  • I just need to tell more people what’s great about what I do

  • I shouldn’t have to market, I can get referrals

  • I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive to do much marketing

  • I heard that doing trial sessions is a good idea, I’ll try that

  • I think if I can just give people the experience, they’ll recognize they want more

  • I’m don’t want to be a businessperson — I’m a healer!


This is what I call the lemonade stand mindset, this being in denial about what you really need to do to make your private practice thrive.


And here’s the antidote — realize that all these excuses cover at least one basic fear.  Maybe for you it’s the anxiety of how success might change you, or the fear that making a profit will somehow tarnish your integrity, or be unspiritual, or require using manipulations of the salesmen who work on commission.


Once you know what your basic fear is, you can take control of it, rather than letting it control you. And then you can plan, and follow through, and take necessary business risks, and get your business on the solid footing needed to KNOW you’ll be able to continue serving the thousands of people who need your sweet lemonade.


What is your most often repeated excuse for approaching your practice like you’re running a lemonade stand instead of a business?  What fear does that excuse really cover up? What will you pledge to do about that today? Identifying your excuses and fear are essential to becoming a successful business owner as a private practice clinician.


Developing determination to learn how to market your practice is the best gift you can give yourself. The first step for you could be a strategy consult to outline a business and marketing plan. It's so much easier to get where you want to go, if you have a map.


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