3 Networking Tips for Introverts

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I bad mouth networking a lot.    And usually when I’m doing that I have a very specific type of old school networking in mind.  You know, the type where:


  • cliques of business buddies are talking football or stock options, and it’s impossible to break in with a witty, how ’bout those neuroses,…. or…


  • energizer bunny morning people meet for breakfast, between green eggs and ham, recite snappy elevator speeches before my brain cells are functioning, then engage in mysterious accounting of how many leads they produced for others that week, …..or…..


  • there’s unstructured milling around like vultures at a cocktail party waiting to seize the chance to distribute business cards, …..and….


  • veteran cold callers (no doubt actually hired lobbyists for the muffin industry) eagerly encourage us to make the rounds of allied professionals, and so on.


But there are gentler forms of networking for introverts.  The three that I’ve preferred in the past for filling my counseling and coaching practices are:


  • attending and giving workshops through www.Biznik.com, www.MeetUp.com, and www.SBA.com

  • interviewing potential referral partners for a referral list you create for your clients

  • having a 4 step process for quelling panic attacks on the back of my business card so that my networking conversation isn’t about touting myself as a therapist or coach, but about offering a helpful resource


What style of networking fits your personality best?  Where / how can you make the best use of your style? If you know the answers to those questions, planning your networking will be easier.


Not sure what your marketing personality is?  Get a single consult to assess your strengths and outline the best strategies for you.


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