Is Easy, Fast, Fun Marketing Possible?

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I talk to a lot of counselor / coach colleagues and NDs who bemoan how much effort marketing is.  In asking why that is, here’s what you tell me:


  • it takes a lot of effort

  • it’s really time consuming

  • there’s too much to have to remember

  • not really sure what I should be doing

  • it’s expensive and it’s not fun

  • it’s way out of my comfort zone

  • it just feels cheesy to promote myself


By the way, this list of reasons clinicians don't like marketing hasn't changed in the last 5 years, even though the ways and technologies for marketing have all gotten easier in that time.


When I ask about your marketing plan, most of you don’t have one. You tend to market when you feel like it, or when your client load dwindles and you start feeling scared.  From personal experience with taking that approach, I can assure you that’s not the best strategy to use.


So I thought you might like to know that there are some easy, inexpensive and sustainable ways to approach marketing that makes it much less frustrating, faster, and effective than taking a hit and miss / when ya feel like it approach.


It’s not too early to start thinking about planning your marketing for this year.  I have several on this site that help you do that, or you can take advantage of my strategy consults.


One step you can take right now is to make a point of checking this blog, or subscribing to my ezine to get all the tips I've tried and proven.


You don’t have to “do marketing” all by yourself.  I’m here to help.


First, it's important to tend to any sabotaging emotions around the need to market your practice. What’s the first emotional reaction you have to the idea of having a marketing plan?  Does this reaction free you to be effective or bind you in more business self-sabotage?


Second, I suggest putting a standing appointment with your business on your appointment calendar.  Make is absolutely inviolable.  Use it educate yourself, or to work on one of the tasks in your marketing plan.




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