Are You Committed to Growing Your Private Practice?

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Are you committed? That’s the question I’ve been confronting myself through 2010.  Sometimes the answer has been no.  Sometimes yes. Growth requires change, and change is scary.


Growth also requires commitment to doing what’s best for your business so that your business can do what’s best for your clients.  When viewed that way, it’s a little easier to let go of what’s been comfortable or convenient, and venture toe by toe into new waters.


So one of the changes that Growth has been pushing me to make is to take my primary website to the next level.  And that’s meant breaking it apart, using pieces differently, and committing to blogging on a more regular basis.


And to get a blogsite just the way I wanted it, I had to surrender a little of my do-it-myselfer ethic and hire help.  Turns out I hired fabulous, wonderful, couldn’t-do-without-her help virtual assistant who made the new blogsite and new header possible. (oh! and that’s not her above there, just in case you’re wondering.  LOL)


The private practice growth process is like giving birth.  It’s messy, it hurts, there’s tears, but in the end, you’ve brought a beautiful new being into the world.


So what new being is your business wanting to birth?  What changes are scary for you?  What do you need to commit to growth, for the sake of your clients?  


Figuring that out will help you work on the most helpful tasks in the most efficient sequence. Imposing a little structure and order amid what feels like a chaotic process adds confidence and motivation to persistence.


When you know you need to grow, and can see that you’re sabotaging your change efforts with the approach you’ve been using, I’d like to help get you past the fear and anxiety.  Get those toes wet with a No Hype single strategy session. 



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