How to Write Your Locator Directory Profile

Focus 85-90% of your profile on describing your ideal client and what their pain or problem is, and what they want instead that you will help them achieve.


The more limited the space you have to work with, the more direct and descriptive you must be to make a strong emotional connection with the reader.


The goal is to make the reader feel -- YES! she really gets me, I want to wok with this person.


Asking questions at the beginning of a profile is a time-tested way to capture initial interest.  The reader feels the question is showing interest in them. A well honed question will blend a good diagnostic keyword with a client experience that they want to change.


The rest of the profile should stay with the client's experience of suffering and their desire for change, with minor reassurances that you can help.


Profiles that gain clients have the following structure:


  1. empathy conveying questions

  2. rapport building descriptions of client pain or problem

  3. statement that you'd like to help

  4. specific motivators -- name desired outcomes

  5. your claim -- what you can help them achieve

  6. next step offer -- get tips on my website

  7. call to action -- make appt today


Then if there is more room, mention your process or credentials. In space limited platforms like Psychology Today, don't use any of your 200 word profile to repeat what is elsewhere on the page, or what can be better explained on your website.

Example Locator Directory Profiles

Psychology Today, Good Therapy, Theravive, Noomii for coaches, and other locator directories are great for prospective clients, but maybe not so great for practitioners who need to establish brand identity and write a succinct marketing message in limited space. On display here are two of mine for Psychology today and a longer one from Noomii.

One of my PT Profiles from 2006

ideal client has chronic pain

Another PT Profiles from 2009

ideal client has anxiety & low confidence

Recently had a sudden shock, something unexpected that's left you overwhelmed, scared or in despair? Having trouble concentrating, sleeping, or feeling safe, and need some emotional first aid? I'd like to help you work through this distress and tame those worries that paralyze you with fear, and wake you at night.  Whether dealing with stress of car accident, chronic illness or pain, feeling  exhausted from never feeling good enough, or like the wind's been knocked out of you after fright or loss, you deserve to regain emotional strength and unshakeable belief in yourself -- and I can guide you there.


I know what it's like to want even a little relief from the pain. I too once yearned for clearer insights, more emotional energy, and real confidence. The holistic four step process I learned and can teach you gives the skills that make life sweeter.


Why struggle one more day with the stress of what you're going through? Regain what it takes to succeed, and replenish your energy in the process. See my websites for free resources. Call on me if I can help you tap into your hidden assets. "

“Is anxiety sabotaging your business success or personal confidence? Do you freeze when you want to seize opportunity or speak up? Are you freaking out or losing sleep? I'd like to help you end the fear ~> worry ~> melt down cycle and stop desperation-driven coping habits. If you're starting to feel frantic for new alternatives, I have creative tools and natural techniques to help restore control over your life. Grounded calmness will benefit relationships, job, and sleep! Isn't this what you need right now?


Maybe you get paralyzed by fear and anxiety, and stuck in unproductive habits. Or frenzied, unfocused activity captures you, only to end up in chaotic confusion. If you want to stop this self-defeating pattern, I can help you find middle ground where confidence, clarity, empowerment, and inner peace dwell.


Practical, solution-based action plans help you accomplish goals while becoming less fearfully reactive, more energetically centered, mentally clear. Phone sessions available only ~ 45-55 minutes weekly, and the call's on me. Why delay? Let's get started. See my websites for details; make an appointment today.”

Noomii Sample: About Me


I specialize in coaching high achieving women in private practice and others who struggle with self-sabotage, unfocused priorities, over-soft boundaries, disconnection from the wise inner voice,or lack of business marketing knowledge who want to break free from their internal demons of fear and external obstacles, live from their true spirit, and stand in their own power. It's particularly a life mission for me to help others who wrestle with shame-fear, because I've been there myself, and know how demoralizing it is to think of yourself as never good enough.


If you yearn to gain or re-activate an assertive and creative voice, find confidence to rise above anything, and access perpetual wisdom / insight and guidance, and create a thriving professional life, I can help you learn how. You CAN develop the skills and self assurance to be the person you've longed to become.


There's nothing more soul-healing and transformative than having someone in your corner who believes in your right and ability to have the life you want. I'll help you determine an empowering, incremental, wise-risk, action plan, and nurture you at every step.


From me, you'll get the unique combination of a certified professional coach, seasoned counselor, research psychologist, naturopathic educator, and initiated shaman, and practical solopreneur with 22 years' business experience. But more importantly, you'll get my dedication to your success.


Free tips and articles are available on my website at and at if you are a struggling solopreneur.


And I’d be happy to schedule a chat during office hours to see if what I can provide is what you want and need.




PhD / Psychology, Consciousness & Health/ Saybrook University
MA / Counseling & Adult Ed/ Antioch University Seattle 
BA / Journalism/ U West Florida 
CPC / Business & Spiritual Coaching/ Int'l Coach Academy 
CHt /Clinical Hypnotherapy/ Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Inst 
Former Faculty / Bastyr University 
PAO USAF / Public Affairs Office for the US Air Force

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