Introvert -- Your Energy or Your Excuse?

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It’s common to hear coaches and counselors in private practice say that they don’t do marketing because they are introverts.   I want to encourage you today to ask if being an introvert is your energy style, or is it your excuse for not getting organized, strategic, consistent and proactive in taking the necessary actions for growing your practice.


I ask this because as an introvert and a private practice business owner myself,  I can relate. I confess – I too let being an introvert be my own excuse when I first started.


So I want to share with you the 5 key distinctions that made a huge difference for me in my business success.


1. With regard to marketing, being an introvert simply means I don’t need to prioritize (or in some cases bother with) the methods that  drain my energy.


2. If a method – no matter how popular – doesn’t fit my vision of who I am at my core, it doesn’t work for me.


3. When someone else is inspired and exhuberent about a particular way to market, if it doesn’t trigger my own passion and make me eager to be in action doing the same, it doesn’t produce results for me.


4. No matter how successful a strategy or technology is for others, if my heart, mind, body, soul and inner child don’t feel good using it, I can’t stick with it, and it attracts few clients for me.


5. And most important, until I got over my big limiting beliefs about money and success, the floodgates of success didn’t start opening for me.


What a relief it was to let go of the constant pressure to do referral building and networking. It’s not who I am, doesn’t turn me on.


So how might you be using the fact of being an introvert to excuse yourself from not having an active marketing plan?  What are the limiting beliefs you have about being an introvert, having money, or getting really successful?


And how is that working for you?


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