What is Content Integration?

I'm sure there could be a lot of definitions of this term, content integration. Basically, for our purposes in marketing a soloprenuer business, it means that all of your web presence content is supportive of all other pieces of your web presence.


Not that clear, is it?


Often it's easier to understand the meaning of a term when you see the elements of how it works. Here's what I mean when I use the term content integration:


  • Website content refers to blog posts

  • Blog posts are promoted on social media

  • Social media posts refer back to website and blog

  • Ezines use blog content or link back to it

  • Ezines are promoted on social media

  • Ezines refer to specific pages on your website

  • Social media funnels people to sign up for the ezine

  • Information products provide links to your blogs and web pages

  • Relevant blog posts are linked to on your static web pages

  • Social media icons are in your site header or footer


and so on. 


Another way to think of content integration is that it's constantly providing multiple ways for your audience to learn more from sources that repeatedly position you as a go-to specialist, which then stimulates their interest in hiring you.


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