Deah's Basics on How to Blog


1. Pose a question as your headline, or state a number


2. define the problem from which the question arises as the lead paragraph -- include primary keywords in that paragraph for search engine optimization purposes


3. outline 2 or 3 parts of the problem or of a solution -- name the parts and use them as subheads to section off the writing and make it easier to read.


4.  Use bullet lists liberally -- most people are skimmers, not thorough readers


5. create anecdotes of people struggling with the problem and/or applying a solution


6. restate solution in a 3 step process when possible as a common sense solution to the problem posed


7. end with a call to action -- Example:  When it feels like your life is falling apart and you don't know why, the PARC therapeutic assessment process will help you find answers. Call us now at xxx-xxx-xxxx to find out more.


A bit more about the mechanics of blogging

for marketing a clinical practice:


  • write for the 6th grade reading level

  • be narrowly focused -- one specific topic per blog entry

  • choose topics you know  / can assume potential clients are concerned about

  • name a problem / illustrate with an anecdote / give a first step solution

  • solutions should be immediately implementable

  • solutions should be common sense, not therapy

  • solutions can be a linked to a secondary reference -- e.g.: a suicide hotline number 

  • only 3 lines per paragraph - about 40 words max

  • set text default for normal 1.0 spacing between lines

  • don't indent paragraphs - do double or triple space between

  • one word / one 5 word sentence can be a paragraph -- great for emphasis

  • don't be formal / don't cite authorities / write like you talk

  • if you aren't grounded in your knowledge of a topic, interview someone who is or don't write about it



Over the years I have written quite a few blogs on blogging. 

Here are the most instructive ones for you:



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