All work with me starts with a 20-30 minute no cost chat to outline the scope of what you are looking for, determine if I can help, and set parameters,

costs and timelines.

Consults or Coaching
by phone


30 min / $85

60 min / $150

4 weekly hours per month / $450

Website Building /
Content Writing


web builds from $850

content from $125 per page

See DeWriteSites for details

Web Site Critique
& More


critique $150

techie help pro-rated $50 /hour

email advising $75 up to 3

Ready to explore your marketing and website needs?

Request a phone chat now -- 

let me know your time zone and a couple good times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay you?


I will send you an invoice via PayPal. It will arrive as an email, with a payment link. You can use your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, or your PayPal balance, to effect payment.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete payment. For amounts over $99, PayPal has a 6-months / no interest credit installment option that may be available to you.



When do you invoice?


Most projects are paid in advance. You will be invoiced after the initial no-cost chat and before a scheduled coaching or consult call, or before the start of email advising.  When you ask for a critique, I invoice after the report is done but prior to sending it to you.  When I'm building a website for you, I provide initial designs for you to choose from, and then invoice you prior to building the site and writing content.



What if I can’t afford to market?


Marketing effectively doesn’t always require tons of money. Remember, effective marketing is about building relationships with ideal clients.  It’s not about spending a year’s rent on a month of advertising. There are a number of things you can do at very low cost, and even for free.


No Hype Solution: Ask about a single strategy consult or the 3 email consult option for starter ideas and an outline of a workable marketing plan.



What if I’ve already tried these things and

they haven’t worked yet?


It’s quite possible that you have taken a scattered approach, rather than using a focused, systematic method that has been proven by many to really work.  You may not be as clear and concrete in conceptualizing or languaging the characteristics of your ideal client as you believe you are.  Or, it could be that you aren’t tracking your results and making necessary adjustments when needed.  Marketing is an ongoing process of trial and error, fine tuning and shifting with the wants of the ideal client.

No Hype Solution: Consider a one month coaching package to pinpoint where your marketing design flaws are so that you can know what to fix, and in what order, and learn how to do so.  A one month package can help you  prioritize the best methods to follow for the next  3-6 months, and provide some implementation support to get you going in the right direction.


What if I really am just running a hobby, not a business?


If your goal is to make even a little income, and you need clients to provide that income, you can use many of the steps, processes, and products that a fulltime private practice uses.  Being in business is a mindset and an approach to how you structure your time and sequence your activities. It’s not about how much money you are making, but does have a lot to do with doing things with confidence and an expectation of success.

No Hype Solution: Schedule daily time to read my blogs and check in with my Facebook page. You'll find many steps and strategies to implement in easy to understand language.



What if I have some special circumstances that

limit my skills or ability to be fully visible?


Any limitations or special circumstances can be considered design obstacles to problem solve.  Think of it this way: Having a boulder in the backyard presents challenges to the functionality of the space.  But the yard can still be beautifully landscaped while also incorporating the unique features of the boulder.  The problem of the boulder prompts more creative solutions for the requirements of the yard’s design.  Having personal limitations or restrictive situations in which to operate your business is the same opportunity for creative problem solving.

No Hype Solution: Work from the perspective of running a creative experiment and let your inner problem solver brainstorm possibilities you can apply to your situation.  Consultation is available to help you create an action plan you can live ~~ and thrive! ~~ with.

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​I ​​do two basic things when I work with people:

I bring 40 years of experience and training​ to bear on the projects or situations at hand, and

I strive to problem solve with the best of my expertise in order to satisfy the client's needs.

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