Choosing an Ezine Provider

Called vendors, there are several ezine providers to consider when you are thinking about starting a ezine component as a marketing method. Everyone has their favorites for different reasons -- here are mine.


Constant Contact


I use Constant Contact most often for composing and sending blast emails for the following reasons:


  • they have many beautiful ezine templates

  • the content tools are easy to use

  • I can use special settings to post the ezine to social media automatically when the ezine is mailed out

  • ezines can be scheduled for mailing way in advance or sent now

  • Photos are easy to upload and install

  • They provide a stock photo library

  • I can inset a PayPal button

  • their analytics tools are clear and useful

  • it's easy to add email addresses myself

  • it's easy to start a new list and to divide lists, move people around on lists, and have them on several lists

  • their tech support has been quite helpful to me

  • they have local, in person, often free workshops

  • they provide a marketing tips newsletter


What I Don't Like about Constant Content


The biggest draw back to this vendor is that they do not have a good or easy way to customize attractive opt-in forms. And they are not really set up as a true autoresponder system in which you can associate a specific opt-in form with a particular give-away report, and have different forms for different reports.  Since I have many give-away reports running all the time, this has been a major problem for me.





Aweber is the preferred autoresponder vendor. They do what Constant Contact doesn't. And I use them for collecting subscriptions to all my special report give-aways.


Aweber can be used like Constant Contact to send regular ezines if you have used one of their very cool subscription forms to collect addresses for a general mailing list. 


But Aweber for me is less appealing for other reasons, including:


  • I can't move people around from list to list

  • the email composing tools aren't as easy, despite latest upgrades

  • photo uploads don't always work

  • it's slightly more expensive


Others for you to investigate:




Vertical Response




Stream Send


Get Response



and there are many others.  the one that right now (Sept 2019) I don't recommend is Wix's own Ascend / ShoutOut system. Not nearly flexible enough, doesn't approach either Constant Contact or Aweber for functionality and design. 







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