Specifics on Ezine Content

In many ways, your ezine content is just like your blog content.  It should be:


  • formatted to be quick and easy to read

  • of relevance and significance to your audience

  • addressed to the current problems of your ideal client

  • a helpful resource

  • a show case for you as a go-to specialist

  • a traffic generator back to your website or social media pages

  • minimally used to push a product or specific service

  • written in a light hearted and personal tone


And in fact, there is nothing wrong with sending out the exact same content you have blogged as your ezine.  You can publish to your blog and send out your ezine on the same day, too, because it is highly likely that the blog and the ezine are seen by two different groups of people.


The first group are those who stumble on your blog because they were searching for something and your post came up in their search engine's search results.  The second group are people you know or who know you and have requested your ezine arrive in their personal inbox.


How to Know What To Write About


My approach is to track the way people talk about their problems in their first appointment with me. There is gold in that moment -- it tells you where the tipping point is between thinking they can cope on their own, and realizing they have to get help. 


If you can write in non-identifying terms about those experiences, it will resonate with many more people in your ideal client niche audience.


Another good source for content ideas is what you overhear while standing in line at Starbucks or in those annoyingly too loud phone conversations people have in public these days.


Just imagine how you might respond if someone came to you with the same complaint, then write out your response in a conversational way.


A quite fertile ground for writing ideas is Facebook. 'Nuf said.


And it is a useful idea to send at least one ezine a year with a survey -- ask your readers directly what they want to hear from you. You'll get confirmation on some ideas, disconfirmation on others, and often some pointers on topics you haven't yet thought about.


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