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For providers of intangible services -- such as psychotherapy, counseling, intuitive readings, and coaching -- and especially for those on a shoe string budget, a website must serve two primary functions.  It must connect with potential clients in an...

Over the course of my career, my office has relocated four times to different towns. Each time I lost cilents who just wouldn't drive the extra distance. But, each time was also an opportunity to start fresh in a new community, correcting mistakes of...


Does your website create buzz?  Is it full of life and energy, engaging potential clients around their interests and needs right from the start, operating well on mobile devices, or is it DOA  (dead on arrival)?


Building your own webs...

Copyright 2012 Deah Curry PhD, updated January 2015


Prospective client hunts for counseling while thinking: 

My life is miserable, I can’t sleep, my kids won’t behave, and I’m scared I’ll never get my head above water professionally.


Counselor website...











Copyright 2012 Deah Curry PhD, updated January 2015


The days are long gone when private practice counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, life coaches, wellness coaches, career coaches, and naturopathic doc...

Copyright 2012 Deah Curry PhD, updated January 2015

There’s good news for counselors and coaches who have built their own websites and are moving into thinking about search engine optimization.  At least half of what you need for SEO is part...

Copyright 2010 Deah Curry PhD, updated January 2015

Just starting out in private practice, or moving from agency work to be out on your own? Haven’t had to market for clients before and don’t know where to start?

There are 3 tools and services you need...

Copyright 2010 Deah Curry PhD, updated January 2015

Prediction: In another 3 years we’ll find almost all of our various service providers via online search directories.

Outome: This has proven true. Not just in online directories per se, but also in re...

Copyright 2010 Deah Curry PhD, updated January 2015

Writing can be a powerful client attraction strategy, and yet few solopreneurs in the healing arts do it on a regular basis. With the meteoric rise of content marketing in the last year, writing has...

Copyright 2010 Deah Curry PhD


1. Simply write like you talk.  Don’t worry about getting all formal and fancy with your phrasing, because that will actually turn potential clients away. Avoid professional jargon — it’s incomprehensible to regular...

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​I ​​do two basic things when I work with people:

I bring 40 years of experience and training​ to bear on the projects or situations at hand, and

I strive to problem solve with the best of my expertise in order to satisfy the client's needs.

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