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The Worry Tamer Merges with The No Hype Mentor

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The secrets to success as a solopreneur have very little to do with education and skills training in your particular field. Instead, they are about how you show up, how you apply yourself, and how you keep yourself fueled and balanced to tackle the c...

If you aren't a professional Wix designer, you might not know about all the amazing advances this company is making. Here are just some quick stats to start with:

  • more than 150 million users as of May 2019

  • 2 million new users added each month


Despite logging in several decades as a psychotherapist, it has always surprised me to encounter other clinicians who did not aspire to be in private practice, who preferred the structures, safety, and confines of agency work -- which I acknowledge s...

Many solopreneurs who have online businesses find time management a challenge. This is especially true for coaches, counselors and others in the helping professions who have had "contact hours" but not a "billable hours" mindset like lawyers and acco...

Something that may be a bit of a secret to my clinical colleagues is that I have been a professional astrologer for nearly 20 years. And now that I'm retired as a psychotherapist, I'll confess that I found an astrology chart to be as accurate a perso...

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Are you great at your work with clients but lousy at being a business owner?  Is a distaste for business, profit, and marketing getting in the way of your success?

Like it or not, being in private pract...

If you are a spiritual advisor, ritualist, teacher, psychic medium, animal communicator, reiki healer, astrologer, or tarot reader you may have been told many times that spiritual services should be free.  That poverty-consciousness mindset combined...

The psychology of marketing is a lot like the psychology of risk taking. How long to let a promotional campaign run, or how long to remain invested in a particular marketing method, can be informed by certain ROI data points and measures.  But ultima...

They didn't teach us how to be business owners and self-marketers in graduate school. Consequently, many of us who go into a solo private practice after an internship experience professional anxiety. We worry about how to get clients and whether comm...

After nearly 15 years of coaching psychotherapists and other solopreneurs on client attraction marketing, I had the notion this year that things were changing and old methods weren't working any longer.

And it's certainly true that a lot of technology...

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I bring 40 years of experience and training​ to bear on the projects or situations at hand, and

I strive to problem solve with the best of my expertise in order to satisfy the client's needs.

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