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Digital signatures have become common, and are requested now in a large number of places. If you've had a UPS delivery lately, you've likely had to sign on an electronic device. If you've eaten at a growing number of restaurants with tabletop gizmos...

Anxiety is sky-rocketing among my friends, family, and clients. And while there is much that can be said about the causes, and the solutions, there is one remedy I always fall back on in times of stress.  Breathing. Well, breathing meditation, that i...

We've seen videos creeping ever more into our social media feeds over the last couple years. And some early adapters in the clinical and coaching / advising professions have been vlogging -- that is, blogging with video rather than with writing -- fo...

The short answer is yes. And I say that not because I'm a website designer. I say it because Google is the first place people go when they are in need of a service.  And when search results come up, most will go first to the snippets whose link lines...

If you have been looking for -- good news! The pages and blogs from that website are being relocated to this site, and to Why? Because I have way too many websites and it's time for a little spring cleaning and con...

When therapists, intuitives, healers, coaches, and other advisors first go into business, there is often a dizzying array of terms and strategies to learn -- none more confusing than the world of communicating to the public and potential clients what...

For providers of intangible services -- such as psychotherapy, counseling, intuitive readings, and coaching -- and especially for those on a shoe string budget, a website must serve two primary functions.  It must connect with potential clients in an...

It is the norm in most solopreneur private practices to have an ebb and flow of clients. As frustrating and scary as this is, it is part of the gig of being in business for yourself in a one-person office. 

It is something we all have to get used...

They didn't teach us how to be business owners and self-marketers in graduate school. Consequently, many of us who go into a solo private practice after an internship experience professional anxiety. We worry about how to get clients and whether comm...

Updated April 2019

Years ago I was contacted by an out of state “firm” who had trawled the Meetup group I was hosting for clinicians seeking marketing help and wanted me to recommend their services to “my constituents.”

In checking out their glitzy web...

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