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Despite logging in several decades as a psychotherapist, it has always surprised me to encounter other clinicians who did not aspire to be in private practice, who preferred the structures, safety, and confines of agency work -- which I acknowledge s...

That’s the age-old question, isn’t it?  I hear it everyday from new counselors and coaches.  And I’m going to stand that question on its ear with this personal story.

When I started out, I got similar advice from the extroverts — getting clients...

Copyright 2013 Deah Curry PhD

More and more counselors and coaches are starting to realize that they need to optimize their website with video.

Making a video of yourself is idea that stimulates panic faster than almost any other marketing idea, except...

Conventional ~ especially extroverted ~ marketing advice for solopreneurs like counselors and coaches almost always focuses on how to get others to refer clients to you.  This is a type of networking, and succeeds on 4 factors of being able to: 


Copyright 2010 Deah Curry PhD

I bad mouth networking a lot.    And usually when I’m doing that I have a very specific type of old school networking in mind.  You know, the type where:

  • cliques of business buddies are talking football...

Copyright 2010 Deah Curry PhD 

Marketing online is perfect for introverts and those solopreneurs who suffer insecurity, low confidence, shoestring budgets, and greater than normal risk aversion when it comes to self and/or business promotion. But more...

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I bring 40 years of experience and training​ to bear on the projects or situations at hand, and

I strive to problem solve with the best of my expertise in order to satisfy the client's needs.

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