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Last year at this time I said to a client -- websites are like having a puppy: they require constant clean up, care, and feeding. That was an apt metaphor for 2018, altho I didn't realize at the time that it would be the Chinese Year of the Dog.   An...

Whether by training or by nature, psychotherapists and other professionals in private practice are often at a loss when it comes to writing a personal biography for their website's About page. Some have taken the blank slate posture of avoiding-perso...

You might already know about the KISS principle -- keep it simple, sweetie. As a busy practitioner of a one person business, keeping things simple is a must. And it will keep you from being overwhelmed by attempting all those alien things that everyo...

There is much talk lately about content strategy, and how every solopreneur should have one. Clients are asking me if they really need one, and how it's different from their marketing plan. My short answer is that content strategy is just a way to fo...

The choice to use reviews of your work is a hot topic among my clients. Psychotherapists of all types are conflicted about whether client testimonials constitute a dual relationship that is forbidden by their professional code of ethics, or whether t...

There is no shortage of advice about what a professional website should include for search engine optimization. But in reality SEO doesn't put clients in your office. What does that is the user experience (UX) of your website.

There are plenty of tips...

Over the course of my career, my office has relocated four times to different towns. Each time I lost cilents who just wouldn't drive the extra distance. But, each time was also an opportunity to start fresh in a new community, correcting mistakes of...

In med school there is the adage that when you hear hoofbeats, think horse, not zebra.  It’s an idea meant to help students new to diagnosing illness to start with what’s most common first.

I’m borrowing this idea in reverse today to make a few points...

Blogs are great, but as many of my clients say, you never know who is reading them and there is no way to contact those readers with follow up offers. That's why every practitioner and website also need to provide a special report (give-away) that is...

If you’re a counselor or coach with a website that you rely on as the anchor of your marketing strategy, you’ve probably already felt the strain to  optimize your pages  for good search engine ranking.

I’ll tell you a secret — unless you want the...

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