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So many of us have such a distaste for social media these days that it can be hard to hold our noses and bring ourselves to  make use of it as part of a business marketing plan. But the reality is that there are few other FREE efforts you can make to...

Have you noticed that Facebook has recently ramped up their push to get us to advertise almost every time we turn around now? Maybe I'm bothered by it more than most because for some crazy reason I have or run about half a dozen different business pa...

A number of my clients have recently asked for help with getting started on using blogging as a marketing method. If you are in the same place they were with wanting to blog, feeling a little reluctant, imagining it's like writing a thesis, or thinki...

After nearly 15 years of coaching psychotherapists and other solopreneurs on client attraction marketing, I had the notion this year that things were changing and old methods weren't working any longer.

And it's certainly true that a lot of technology...

In med school there is the adage that when you hear hoofbeats, think horse, not zebra.  It’s an idea meant to help students new to diagnosing illness to start with what’s most common first.

I’m borrowing this idea in reverse today to make a few points...

Many counselors and coaches I know dread blogging.  They know they are supposed to, that it somehow helps their SEO, that colleagues who blog incessantly rave about its client attracting ability.  But they aren’t blogging enthusiasts for one reason o...

Are you just venturing into internet marketing?  Have you started a blog because colleagues or friends suggested it, but now you aren’t sure how to make the best use of it, or integrate it with the rest of your web presence?

This was the dilemma faced...

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For non-writers, all this talk of having a website, then doing an ezine, and writing a blog, and sending bursts of info out on social media can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Anyone out there feelin...

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