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The Worry Tamer Merges with The No Hype Mentor

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It's probably been at least a decade since I created The Worry Tamer website and Facebook page to specifically address the fears and doubts of clinicians and coaches new to private practice. As much as there was the need for coaching on internet mark...

Whether by training or by nature, psychotherapists and other professionals in private practice are often at a loss when it comes to writing a personal biography for their website's About page. Some have taken the blank slate posture of avoiding-perso...

In recent years the concept of being a highly sensitive person has gained strength in counseling and psychic circles -- with some confusion.

Psychics may relate to a finely attuned sensitivity or empathic ability to connect with others' emotional and...

Anxiety is sky-rocketing among my friends, family, and clients. And while there is much that can be said about the causes, and the solutions, there is one remedy I always fall back on in times of stress.  Breathing. Well, breathing meditation, that i...

If you are an introvert, and feeling like there is something wrong with that, this video lesson is for you. Believe me, I know what it's like to prefer and even require alone time. What you'll learn from watching this presentation is that introversio...

I thought I could write a useful blog post today. It started out with the intention to give some tips on avoiding catastrophe thinking, and taming fear and panic. But nope. It's too soon. It's only the Thursday after the day the world ended, and 2 da...

We all go through times when our own life is in turmoil, or when we get sideswiped with some unexpected devastating event that throws our emotions into high anxiety. It doesn't take the aftermath of a presidential election to imagine impending catast...

They didn't teach us how to be business owners and self-marketers in graduate school. Consequently, many of us who go into a solo private practice after an internship experience professional anxiety. We worry about how to get clients and whether comm...

Despite all the negative things that can be said about social media, and perhaps Facebook in particular, occasionally there are inspirational and thought provoking gems that show up in my news feed -- like this one.

This list begs the question, what d...

After nearly 15 years of coaching psychotherapists and other solopreneurs on client attraction marketing, I had the notion this year that things were changing and old methods weren't working any longer.

And it's certainly true that a lot of technology...

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