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 I'm told that human beings are social animal and need a fair amount of interaction with others to stay in good psychological balance. As an introvert, I can't really confirm that. LOL!  Nonetheless, for those of use who are solopreneurs,  isolation...

Many solopreneurs who have online businesses find time management a challenge. This is especially true for coaches, counselors and others in the helping professions who have had "contact hours" but not a "billable hours" mindset like lawyers and acco...

It won't be long before I'll be in my 32nd year as a solopreneur and 19th year as a website designer, dragged into becoming more of a techie than I really ever wanted to be. During all the developments in the world of internet tools for business mark...

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Are you great at your work with clients but lousy at being a business owner?  Is a distaste for business, profit, and marketing getting in the way of your success?

Like it or not, being in private pract...

If you have been looking for -- good news! The pages and blogs from that website are being relocated to this site, and to Why? Because I have way too many websites and it's time for a little spring cleaning and con...

Updated April 2019

Years ago I was contacted by an out of state “firm” who had trawled the Meetup group I was hosting for clinicians seeking marketing help and wanted me to recommend their services to “my constituents.”

In checking out their glitzy web...

After several years of learning great client attraction methods designed by go-getter extroverts, I want more from life. More of the simple pleasures. More balance. More time to develop other interests. 

So one big change for 2015 is that I'm no longe...

Counselors and coaches are trained to be generalists. And because we want to help everyone, and have a full practice, niche marketing feels backwards and scary.  

It’s common  — when you are new to private practice and especially if you’re an introver...

Fears about limiting ourselves, being perceived as exclusionary, or getting bored with the same type of client all the time are common misconceptions about niche marketing and deciding on an ideal client.

The ‘Limiting Myself’ Excuse

Many therapists ha...

What do you tell prospective clients about yourself? What will they know about your passion for your work, and what led you to your choice of career field? Do you generate trust and rapport with bits of your own life story?

If you are like most of my...

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