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So many of us have such a distaste for social media these days that it can be hard to hold our noses and bring ourselves to  make use of it as part of a business marketing plan. But the reality is that there are few other FREE efforts you can make to...

Search engine optimization (SEO) generally makes the brains of psychotherapists, healers, and intuitives glaze over with boredom. It's techie-speak and complicated and way beyond our skill set. And yet, we're told it's vital to internet marketing and...

The two website platforms most used around the world today are indisputably WordPress and Wix. Having used both, and being in touch with website developers who also have extensive professional experience with both, here's the real, up to date scoop o...

Many of the 2015 changes Google has made in SEO (search engine optimization) have been less about behind the scenes computer coding strategies such as meta tags and more about UX -- which stands for user experience. The UX trend will only grow in the...

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There’s good news for counselors and coaches who have built their own websites and are moving into thinking about search engine optimization.  At least half of what you need for SEO is part...

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