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The Worry Tamer Merges with The No Hype Mentor

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It's probably been at least a decade since I created The Worry Tamer website and Facebook page to specifically address the fears and doubts of clinicians and coaches new to private practice. As much as there was the need for coaching on internet mark...

Everyone who enjoys having things work well and last a long time knows that the so-called spring cleaning needs to happen much more often than once a year. The same principle is true for keeping your computer happy. 

Webmasters especially know that th...

The other day a client forwarded to me an email she had received that offered a free website analysis, with promises to fix everything to increase a bunch of [imaginary] problems for only several thousand dollars. The client was worried and wondered...

If you aren't a professional Wix designer, you might not know about all the amazing advances this company is making. Here are just some quick stats to start with:

  • more than 150 million users as of May 2019

  • 2 million new users added each month


Many solopreneurs who have online businesses find time management a challenge. This is especially true for coaches, counselors and others in the helping professions who have had "contact hours" but not a "billable hours" mindset like lawyers and acco...

Something that may be a bit of a secret to my clinical colleagues is that I have been a professional astrologer for nearly 20 years. And now that I'm retired as a psychotherapist, I'll confess that I found an astrology chart to be as accurate a perso...

October 21st was a day of multitude of major websites being made inaccessible due to 3 successive cyber attacks. I won't bore you with the techie details, but there are links at the bottom of this post for that info if you'd like to wade through it....

After several years of learning great client attraction methods designed by go-getter extroverts, I want more from life. More of the simple pleasures. More balance. More time to develop other interests. 

So one big change for 2015 is that I'm no longe...

If you think you are hearing the same advice over and over again from the marketing mentors you've been following for a few years, well, you have!  And that's because some stuff is just true. No matter how technology changes, or what Google wants thi...

It’s normal when first starting out in private practice to believe that your clientele will just find you ~~ somehow.  I call this the faith-based operating mode.

That belief soon shifts into feeling that the key to gaining a full client load is...

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